Those born approximately January 19th - February 19th are under the sun sign of Aquarius.


Aquarius-born have great vision, intellect and humanity. They are determined to make the world a better place and to help everyone they can along the way. Aquarians are free-spirited, eccentric & quirky, but their intellectual nature is focused on serving the greater good. They’re generous and unique gifts push boundaries and creatively expand minds. A true innovator and teacher, you welcome the unknown with open arms.


Aquarius can sometimes be stubborn and unswerving in their ideas, Peppermint and Orange help soften the hard stubborn edges of their personality.

Labradorite enhances Aquarian intuition and assists them gain their ambitions.


Can be sprayed around your space or on your body as an all natural perfume.


Ingredients: peppermint essential oil, orange essential oil, castor oil, distilled water and labradorite



Handmade- look may vary slightly

Aquarius Aromatherapy Spray