Those born approx. September 21st - October 21st are under the sun sign of Libra.


As the sign of the Scales, Libras exemplify balance and are often diplomatic, compromising and eager to please others. An Air sign, Libras have an eye for aesthetic beauty and appreciation for art. They are great thinkers, planners and organizers. Libras work diligently for justice and equity for all. Cardinal connector, likable peacemaker, aesthetic artist, and honorable partner, they show up for others in the most meaningful of ways.


Ylang-ylang and Juniper let you see the beauty in other people instead of focusing on materialistic objects.

Libras desire for harmony can also be a burden when their need to please others leads to resentment and a loss of self. Fluorites association with the Heart chakra which promotes love and forgiveness.


Can be sprayed around your space or on your body as an all natural perfume.


Ingredients: ylang-ylang essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, castor oil, distilled water, fluorite.



Handmade- look may vary slightly

Libra Aromatherapy Spray