Those born approximately November 21st - December 20th are under the sun sign of Sagittarius.


Expand your awareness and reach enlightenment. Adventurous and spiritual, the Sagittarius-born shoot for enlightenment. Eager to travel, explore and experience new ideas. Sagittarius are Fire signs with a passion for spiritual growth and a desire to reach the heavens. Sagittarius are ambitious, daring and persistently pursue their dreams. Sagittarians are up for any journey. They are experts at cultivating curiosity, expressing desire, and fighting for freedom. A true wild spirit, they share their bright optimism as pondering the meanings of the faith and the universe.


Sage, Cedarwood, Howlite and the colors Red and Blue are all associated with the sign Sagittarius.



Can be sprayed around your space or on your body as an all natural perfume.


Ingredients: sage essential oil, cedawood essential oil, castor oil, distilled water, howlite.



Handmade-look may vary slightly.

Sagittarius Aromatherapy Spray