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The readings will be done by the owner of Spellbinding -Tess. I have done readings for many years and have decided to offer my service to others. I love tarot and being able to help people through this tool. If you have any questions about the reading please email shopspellbinding@gmail.com
Please upload a photo of yourself below if you are booking a reading!

Alexandra Iskindir

I really enjoyed the reading from Tess because it gave insight in areas I wasn't expecting. For example, I thought it would fully focus on future situations, but it showed me how I have been physically feeling lately, which is something I hadn't thought about (and had been ignoring). The reading included an image of the tarot layout, too, so I was able to see how she was getting her answers based on the card images. I would definitely do it again!

Jazmine Rodriguez

My reading was done in such a meticulous manner. It could easily be seen it was done with care and gave me information on things I asked for. I’m very pleased with the service given. It was an enlightening experience.

Taylor Linn

In her readings, Tess focuses on the intersections of Mind, Body, and Spirit to get a holistic understanding of you as a person. Her reading and interpretation of the cards was SO spot on. I actually got goosebumps while reading it. This reading is not just something for me to read once. Because of Tess' focus on future-thinking, this reading is something I can return to again and again, and I truly believe something new will be revealed to me each time so that I can continue to meditate and look inward. Tess interpreted what my soul was thinking and feeling, but that I didn't have the courage to express to myself. She also answered my question in a very helpful way, and I feel more confident to take on the challenges that lie ahead! Thank you again Tess for being able to put my innermost desires and fears into words so that I can continue my process of self discovery!

Shannon Allen

Tess was able to uncover a lot of the emotions and blockages I have been dealing with not only in my spiritual being but my physical being as well. I felt the reading was quite accurate about where I'm at in my life and the things I've been questioning about my own intuition and the people around me in a more specific way. This is one of the most accurate and mind provoking readings I've ever had and I would definitely go back to her for more insight, guidance and advice. She's awesome! 

Meesh Dot

wow magic! I am so amazed by the full resonance of this reading. I use the wild unknown deck on the daily and feel very connected, so when I saw that is the deck you are working with, I was even more compelled. The way that you organised the various elements into clear areas and dived deep into each one was so spot on for what I need to know. The name spellbinding is so relevant for the way you offer your gifts to the world. I keep reading it over and over again and becoming even more attuned. So much gratitude to you for sharing via words, images, and emotions to convey what is here for me. Speaking to my SOUL. I will cherish this always.

Erica G.

Thinking back now I think the service was more convenient than the others, she emailed me well before my appointment time and provided me with a picture of the cards she used. At the time of the booking I was able to ask a specific question if I wanted to – I did take advantage of this since I have a few things top of mind so I picked the one that has been weighing heavily on me.

I appreciate that the reading was not just about the question I asked, there were notes on my past, present and future along with mind, body, and spirit. It was also nice to see a summary; almost a way of focusing the whole reading instead of wondering about anything and everything. I found that there were some things said in the reading that do resonate with the current changes I have been trying to make and some of the things I have realized that I perhaps have been brushing under the rug for a long time.


Finally, I felt I was able to follow-up with Tess about a couple of things she had mentioned in the reading. In fact it helped but at ease a worry that I had and also some things to consider about perception of people. Even through email it was nice to hear from Tess, overall I felt like she was willing to help and was open and honest about the cards. I’ve shared my experience with a friend and will be more than happy to recommend Tess to anyone else.

Lizette Mendoza

This was my first time receiving a tarot card reading and I wasn't sure what to expect. Tess made sure to section off different parts of my reading and also explained in detail what they meant. As this was an online interaction she also sent a picture of cards, which I didn't expect, but highly appreciated. She also made sure to mention I could message her about any questions I had on my reading.

Michele S.

Few are skeptical about tarot readings because they had a bad experience or are just cautious. Spellbinding tarot reader will provide an accurate reading.